Party Lawns at Hotel Kanan, Gandhinagar

Hotel Kanan, Gandhinagar, features two conjoined party lawns with a combined capacity of 2100 pax. The central lawn can accommodated up to 1600 pax, and the cottage lawn can accommodate up to 600 pax. The lawns feature an air-conditioned banquet hall with seating for 450 pax attached to the party lawns. Hotel Kanan, Gandhinagar, also features two banquet halls inside the hotel with capacity for 40 and 100 pax, respectively. There are four cottage Suites available to book in these lawns. We offer the perfect venue for weddings, anniversaries, family get-togethers or festival nosh-ups, with two seamless and immaculately manicured party lawns by the riverside and an elegantly laid out banquet hall. Our dedicated team of hotel staff and event specialists organize every little aspect of the event on your behalf to make sure your big day goes exactly to plan.